C&I Buildings


In Poor/Bad Grid configurations, C&I Buildings can be equiped by local solar + storage systems in order to assure a reliable energy supply and reduce their energy costs.



Owners of Solar + Storage assets whether they are utilities, independant power producers or energy companies use the Energy OS in order to :

1. Maximise their return on investment by optimizing their OPEX

2. Monitor in real-time their assets and track their performances.

The Energy OS allows monitoring & control of Solar + Storage systems available on the market today. 



The Energy OS optimally controls the charge/discharge of batteries in order to reduce site energy costs by leveraging following services :

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Discharging the batteries at the right time helps the industrial to reduce their maximum power subscription and avoir utility fees.

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Charging the battery at off-peak hours to discharge it at peak-hours and reduce energy costs.

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Power security

The Energy OS is able to avoid this issue by discharging immediatly after the powercut.


For an isolated site from the electric grid powered by diesel generators, it can now be equipped with a solar + storage system in order to: 

1. Reduce fuel consumption

2. Reduce generator cycles and usage

3. Produce renewable energy


The owners of these assets whether they are utilities, independant power producers or energy companies use the Energy OS for :

1. Maximize the ROI of their assets by reducing the OPEX

2. Monitor them in real-time and track their performances. 

The Energy OS allows the control of leading Solar +Storage equipements available in the market.



The Energy OS allows the real-time control of the battery charge and on/off genset in order to reduce the site energy cost by leveraging services such as :

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Renewable Integration

Anticipating solar production peaks allows a greater system efficiency

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Idling-time optimisation

We use forecasts to reduce fuel consumption by controlling on/off switches of gensets.

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On/Off optimisation

We reduce significantly (by 50%) genset on/off cycles and therefore reduce maintenance costs