Tailored Microgrid Intelligence Solutions

Elum Energy is a Software-as-a-Service company developing the Energy OS, the first energy intelligence platform that automates utility bill savings for industrial & commercial clients leveraging energy price arbitrage opportunities coupled with additional grid services.



Save on electricity costs

Leverage multiple energy services to maximize utility bill savings.


The Energy Brain

State of the art Artificial Intelligence tailored to your specificities.


Universal & Reliable

Seamlessly integrates on any electrical system and technologies.

Energy OS – Energy Intelligence Operating System

 The Energy OS is accessible at any time from the cloud.

The dashboard allows real-time insight on power management strategies, system status and utility bill savings. 


On-grid Solutions


For grid-connected industrial & commercial facilities.

We reduce your net electricity costs. 


Off-grid Solutions


For remote locations, islands, mines & others.

We save on your fuel consumption.


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