Top 5 Best Solar Inverters for Solar Diesel Hybrid Systems in 2019

The top 5 PV inverter brands by frequency on Elum Energy projects quotations over 2019.

Elum Energy is an energy & automation company providing universal monitoring (ePowerMonitor) and control solutions (ePowerControl) for solar, storage, gensets other distributed resources suitable for grid-tied and off-grid setup.

We serve local & international EPCs, project developers and energy companies who need to integrate Solar (and/or Storage systems) with existing diesel plants on applications ranging from Commercial & Industrial Buildings to utility-scale power plants. 

We have crunched our 2019 CRM data and analyzed all quotations made to give an overview of the most active PV inverters companies used in the space. Below is the top 5 PV inverter brands (by frequency on project quotations over 2019). 

TOP 5 Most used solar inverters for PV Hybrid System 2019 - Elum Energy Il