energy monitoring system

4 raisons de surveiller votre production d’énergie

Lisez la suite pour découvrir les quatre principaux avantages financiers et opérationnels de la mise en œuvre d’un système de surveillance de l’énergie.
Read on to learn about the five key financial and operational benefits of implementing an energy monitoring system.

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How to manage microgrid: Off-grid battery grid forming

Benefits of Off-grid microgrid with battery grid forming the installation:

The first and foremost benefit of off-grid systems with battery grid forming is the fact that the site can rely on 100% renewable energy thanks to the diesel off mode.

This induces a reduction of fuel consumption because…

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Why Aren’t There More Microgrids?​

“Microgrids can improve energy reliability, help facilities achieve sustainability goals and lower their electricity costs. So why aren’t there more microgrids? A panel of energy experts took on this question May 13 during the second day of Microgrid 2021.

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Everything an integrator should know about telecom tower

The need for a reliable telecommunication network is rising day by day as the mobile industry grows. Moreover, the arrival of 5G technology will boost the market, even more, increasing the demand and need for new towers.
What are the reasons to remotely monitor the telecom sites?

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