Diesel Solar Hybrid System Survey     

Answer to all your questions on how to hybridize diesel with solar & battery storage

Three weeks ago we presented a webinar with our partner Homer Energy where we discussed how to hybridize diesel with solar & battery storage.

We then realized that there is a lot of misconceptions and unanswered interrogations about those systems. This is why we decided to answer all the questions you have on the subject. You can find the answers below:

At Elum for MC and PPC projects, there is a engineering study that is made specifically for the project that covers a simulation of the general behavior of the system (Genset/PV/Battery). We are not providing any kind of studies related to the sizing of the project to frequency/voltage of the existing system.

Elum controller integrates various sources of thermal energy (Diesel Generators, Gas Turbines, HFO) but the final output must be electric.

The advantage of Elum solution compared to SMA Sunny Island or Quattro are that :

  • Direct integration with the gensets is possible with Elum controller
  • Multiple genset minimum loading is possible with Elum controller
  • Our controller can be compatible with multiple brands of PCS that does not need to be SMA or Victron

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