Universitary Campus

Elum energy delivers ePowerControl HFS to a university campus in Beyrouth

The installation of Elum ePowerControl HFS controller by Acemco on the International College of Beirut has increased the monthly yield of the PV hybrid system with 4 ABB Trio inverters by 30%.

Aside from the reliable PV integration on the existing DG plant brought by ePowerControl, ePowerMonitor platform has allowed a precise PV performance monitoring for the O&M team and a userfriendly interface allowing the University to showcase their fuel and CO2 emission savings.

Acemco’s always believed in the efficiency of energy management systems. However controllers they have been using lacked flexibility, simplicity, and services. This project gave them the opportunity to evaluate and try Elum Energy products.

Learn more on how we helped Acemco s.a.l increase by +30% the yield of their PV Diesel hybrid system with ABB Trio inverters, as well as delivering customized dashboards for the International College of Beirut.



About Acemco

Founded in 1972, Acemco quickly became the leader in heating and air conditioning in Lebanon. Over the years, the company has developed and integrated a solar energy department that is committed to contracting solar lighting and implementing several renewable energy projects in the MENA region.

Their EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company manages all aspects and stages of project implementation from A to Z. Starting with the design phase, then the procurement of materials and finally the commissioning and construction of the project. Acemco’s ultimate goal is to play a leading role in creating a greener, brighter future for our planet, and its renewable and sustainable energy solutions are used around the world.

Type of Project

  • Solar 100 kWp
  • Gensets 2*800 kVA




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