Reunion Island

Hybrid Solar Power Plant

Elum energy provides ePowerControl PPC to the Roland Garros airport

On this project, Elum’s controller is managing both solar plant integration to the HV grid (compliance with grid-code) and prevents generator to run at low regime during events of grid power outages.


En mode connecté au réseau, Elum ePowerControl PPC, assure le contrôle de l’injection et applique les consignes d’EDF SEI au travers du DEIE, à savoir les demandes de couplage / découplage basées sur l’état de stabilité du réseau.


About Sunzil

Sunzil builds and operates solar power plants for professionals, communities and individuals in demanding environments. Their projects range from solar power plants of several tens of thousands of square meters to installations for private individuals. They can be connected to the power grid or supply the building that houses them directly with energy.

Type of Project

  • PV – 450 kWp


Reunion Island