Solar+Storage: Battery types for solar systems

Are battery energy storage systems (BESS) the best solution to microgrid resiliency? If you’re interested in coupling solar with batteries to power your commercial or industrial buildings, read on …


What is a solar hybrid microgrid?

Many territories in the world still suffer from a defective or non-existent power grid. That is amplified by economic and demographic growth of the population that increases the demand which is expected to increase 57% by 2050.

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What Is a Solar Diesel Hybrid System?

Using only a PV system and solely relying on the solar irradiation (even if there’s plenty of it and it’s free), isn’t a safe bet for an industrial consumer as PV production can be inconsistent. This is why Industrials are resorting to PV Diesel hybrid system.

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ePowerBooster: Saving fuel in hybrid energy systems

The hybridization of renewable energies with diesel genset and/or storage is continually developing because it makes it possible to supply multiple types of infrastructures competitively even in areas that are off-grid. One needs to manage the whole system in a timely manner, to reduce the overall cost of energy production.


Hybrid Power Control for a University Campus in Lebanon

ACEMCO’s team always believed in the efficiency of energy management systems. Yet, they didn’t have the right toolset to implement an effective solution for their client.
Since installing ePowercontrol HFS the monthly yield of the facility has increased by 30%.