Maximize your hybrid plant ROI

As the interface connecting the different available distributed resources, Elum ePowerControl Microgrid Controller (MC) manages the overall system energy dispatch to deliver operational expenditures savings while maintaining maximum operational safety and power reliability.

It has been designed to facilitate hybrid power systems deployment and provide flexibility for future systems expansions.

Product range

MC - S

5 - 100 KW Turnkey EMS for replicable configurations.- Telecom sites
- Rural minigrids
- Small buildings

MC - M

100 KW - 2 MWTurnkey EMS with increased reliability and performance.- Commercial
- Industrial buildings
- Small power plants

MC - C

CustomTailored EMS for specific PV Storage applications.- Specific gridcode
- France CRE ZNI
- Specific tarifs

Case-studies & clients


PV Storage – 150 kWp – Morocco