ePowerControl MC

Microgrid controller

ePowerControl MC

Microgrid controller

Maximize the profitability of your hybrid power plant

As an interface between the individual components of the hybrid power plant, Elum ePowerControl Microgrid Controller (MC) manages the energy distribution of the entire system to achieve operating savings while maintaining maximum operational safety and power reliability.


ePowerControl MC is designed to facilitate the deployment of hybrid power plants in isolated areas and to provide flexibility for future plant configuration changes.

Main features


Collection and editing of all data and alarms from meters, inverters, generators and weather station integration

Grid feed-in management

Curtailment of solar inverters power output to ensure 0 export of solar production to the grid



Diesel off mode

Switching off all the gensets and ensures spinning reserve through the ESS


Commissioning support

Remote assistance from qualified Elum engineer to support local commissioning team

Configuration interface

User-friendly configuration interface through local web browser (ethernet connection) for autonomous connectivity and equipment setup

SOC management

Load-shifting, peak-shaving & self-consumption optimisation



ePowerControl MC datasheet

Connection & configuration guide

ePowerControl User Manual


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