Drive & enforce energy savings

Factory operators, commercial building owners and other industrial are more and more focused on reducing their energy costs, accounting for 30% up to 50% of OPEXs.

The first step to energy efficiency is being able to understand where and when the energy is spent in the building. However facility / energy managers tend to only have access to monthly utility bills with aggregated total consumption and costs summary.

With precise energy monitoring - per machine/production line/ building area…- energy managers are able to identify the most energy intensive processes / equipments and track their consumption over time to quantify energy efficiency investments returns.

Elum ePowerMonitor modular IoT platform allows integration of multiple third party sensors brands to suits all your specific applications - such as energy, temperature, occupancy sensors...

Case-studies & clients


PV Storage – 100kWp – France


PV Storage – 150 kWp – Morocco


Metering – 38 points – Morocco