Remote monitoring 

of telecom sites

Remote monitoring 

of telecom sites


The SLA (Service Level Agreement) of telecom towers determines rate reductions applied when a service provider fails to meet the agreed service parameters or the terms of an agreement. Under the term of an SLA telecom contract, service infringements significantly reduce the revenue from specific services.

A telecoms site manager’s challenge is to quickly collect information on a very heterogeneous portfolio of installed equipment and site electrical configuration to carry out maintenance actions and detect theft (battery and fuel) and energy efficiency on its towers.

Access to unreliable and sometimes even inconsistent data leads to multiple, very costly site visits across the entire portfolio.


Elum's solution

ePowerLog DL telecom is a datalogger allowing the data feedback on the various equipments present on the telecom tower (Rectifiers, Air-conditioning, Generators, Solar MPPT, Network). This data feedback is displayed on the ePowerMonitor monitoring platform which displays production data, network consumption, telecom equipment consumption and air-conditioning, which allows the activation of energy efficiency actions on the tower (temperature set point adjustment, monitoring of fuel consumption on site). 

ePowerMonitor, the monitoring tool provided by Elum, allows the reporting of equipment alarms but also alarms that can be configured by the user.

Key elements

Extended compatibility with all rectifiers on the market and all group controllers

Intuitive and simple eConf configuration menu allowing configuration and start-up of the datalogger in a few hours

ePowerMonitor RMS allows the operator to quickly detect fuel theft via the alarm and notification system

ePowerMonitor RMS allows the operator to reduce energy consumption by detecting consumption inefficiencies (incorrectly adjusted rectifier or air conditioning).

ePowerMonitor RMS provides a real-time overview of the portfolio performance as well as customized alarm management


ePowerLog DL

  Universal Datalogger


Remote site monitoring platform