Reduce your sites OPEXs & maintain uptime

It is crucial for telecom companies to optimize energy costs while maintaining global portfolio uptime. To ensure a reliable coverage, telecom towers are equipped with backup power systems including gensets and batteries as well as HVAC to maintain stable temperature for electronics inside shelters. These various requirement leads to high energy costs, which can account for up to 70% of telecom site total OPEXs.

Elum provide telecom tower monitoring & control solutions enabling effective management of BTS’s power sources. - to drive and enforce both OPEX and network availability improvement.

At site level our ePowerControl controller leverage advanced forecast algorithms to optimize genset, battery usage and/or solar energy produced to provide fuel & energy OPEX savings.

At portfolio level ePowerMonitor RMS platform provide secure remote monitoring & control of site energy equipment (HVAC, FCU, rectifiers…) to save on logistical costs. Advanced alarm management and data analysis tools provide reliable clues for site downtime troubleshooting and energy efficiency improvements.