4 reasons to monitor your energy production

Solar energy monitoring systems, empower users with a thorough comprehension of their solar installations. This holistic approach enables precise tracking of performance, voltage, temperature, energy production, and identification of any defects.However, many organizations fail to realize the full potential of monitoring their solar installations, thus missing out on significant financial, operational, and reputational opportunities.Discover the 4 reasons to monitor your energy production in this article.
4 benefits of an energy monitoring system
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Increasing knowledge & control

Before collecting site data and implementing monitoring, companies often lack awareness of their installations’ full performance. Decreases in equipment efficiency frequently go unnoticed as they are not continuously tracked.A monitoring system brings transparency to solar installations, converting collected data into advanced KPIs displayed on dynamic dashboards.These dashboards benefit various stakeholders, including O&M teams, asset managers, and building owners. The insights facilitate reporting and drive corrective actions to maximize energy production.

Enhancing cost-effectiveness

Data from energy monitoring systems, once analyzed, accurately reflect energy production and overall infrastructure. This information allows quantification of potential savings and provides a snapshot of the installation’s financial situation.

a - Reducing operational cost

By prioritizing the use of renewable sources and maximizing solar penetration, organizations can reduce energy purchases from the grid or fossil fuels, leading to a general decrease in operational costs. Relevant KPIs, such as performance ratio, enable operators to compare actual energy production to ideal production. Monitoring a multi-energy site, including solar and diesel installations, helps track diesel generator usage, allowing for anticipatory maintenance.

b - Computing installation ROI

Computing the carbon emissions avoided and operational savings generated helps building owners evaluate the return on investment of solar installations.

Easing maintenance, increasing reliability

Monitoring solutions like Elum’s ePowerMonitor display site diagnostics by detecting equipment failures. Simple alarm configurations trigger custom email alerts, notifying operators of abnormal production drifts and reducing resolution time. The solution unifies the display of local equipment alarms in one dashboard, enhancing ease of maintenance and system reliability.

Supporting CSR objectives

Naturally, increasing solar penetration will reduce the consumption of fuels or electricity coming from the grid and further the emission of greenhouse gas and pollution.

Monitoring the effort spent on reducing carbon footprint can help organizations reach their CSR goals as well as being compliant with government targets. Companies able to justify their participation in the battle against global warming in tracking their carbon footprint and reducing C02 emission will be strongly legitimate. As well as reduce the country’s dependence on foreign sources.

Greening a company is a fantastic way to garner a positive image of the organization.

Implementing a solution such as ePowerMonitor will be a key asset for your installation, in optimizing its overall performance.

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South Asia
765 kWp
Zéro Export – Usine de transformation​
ePowerControl ZE garantit l'absence d'exportation vers le réseau dans le cadre d'un projet connecté au réseau dans une usine de traitement à Pampanga, aux Philippines.
Solar diesel integration of a Mining Company in Brazil
850 kWp
Intégration solaire-diesel – Industrie minière au Brésil​
ePowerControl HFS réduit la consommation de carburant dans un projet minier hors réseau de 850 kWc au Brésil, en optimisant l'intégration solaire-diesel.
Khanya Gubangxa Content specialist at Elum Energy
Khanya Gubangxa, Content specialist at Elum Energy

Khanya joined Elum energy in  2022. She has been reporting on solar and renewable energy since then.

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