Multi-energy monitoring software
Manage and control solar energy production with an hypervision platform tailored for multi-energy sites
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One platform to monitor your site portfolio

From auto-consumption setups (through solar controller and solar datalogger) to large-scale grid-tied applications,
embrace real-time insights and remote control, for any type of energy sources: PV, storage, genset, EV, etc.

C&I / Microgrid

Reclaim control of the operation of your site with Elum solar controllers

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Handle the complexity of large-scale applications through PPC controllers and SCADA system

Why choose ePowerMonitor?


Helps O&M teams monitor their portfolio of multi-energy plants and identify underperforming assets.


Provides asset managers with analysis of the different causes and contributions of plant underperformance to solve issues and increase KWh produced


Helps O&M teams simplify and automate diagnostics with customizable KPIs be notified through custom alarms and remediate via remote control.


Provides asset managers with accurate financial reports that can be modified according to calculation formulas (e.g. PR).
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A technology relying on Elum's control solutions

Leverage data collected from Elum’s controller with ePowerMonitor
Turnkey & secure data collection: automatic data downloading 24/7 from Elum data loggers & controllers
Interoperability with 95% equipment
on the market. Up to 200 devices per dataloggers
No data loss: local data storage able to resynchronize once
the connexion is available again

Features designed to monitor your sites

ePowerMonitor by elum energy transparent background

Features designed to achieve energy autonomy

Dynamic dashboards and diverse perspectives provide real-time insights and tailored KPIs for each device
Utilize data storage to reveal trends and calculate essential KPIs like PR and I-V curves. Historical data adds depth for smarter decision-making
Access site statuses with the Geographic Information System (GIS) menu, offering a comprehensive view of your entire portfolio
Create customized reports for operational teams and users. Modify reports by time range and export data in versatile CSV formats
Remotely detect device issues, faults, and drift with configurable alarms. Choose email notifications for critical alerts
Adapt data visualizations and analyses to suit your site’s unique requirements

One tool, multiple users


Access to site performance KPI Display of variables per equipment or string of solar invertersCustomizable alarmsDisplay of alarm logs and status of solar equipments
Alarm configuration & email notification


Access to production KPI
Estimation of theoretical production vs real production, performance ratio KPI

Access to financial KPI
Estimation of solar earnings over a period of time


Access to production KPI
Estimation of real solar production user friendly display

Access to live overview
Overview of production assets with a visual display of all the equipments on site

Access to environmental KPI
CO2 equivalent reduction, Avoided km of cars, fuel reduction equivalent

Elum has maximized the profitability of many solar + BESS installations worldwide

Frequently asked questions

There is no time limit to fetch the data. The CSV exports can be done for a set period of 3 months.

The data acquisition granularity is as follows : real time for alarms , 10 minutes for data.
In addition to the alarm notification in ePowerMonitor, it is possible to send emails to notify the user when an alarm appears.

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