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Elum solution supports Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU protocols by default. Other protocols can be configured upon request.

Please refer to our connect & config guide, accessible in each product page in the customer portal, to get detailed explanation on how to configure various brands of inverters and other devices.

Once the commissioning done, our team will create the site dashboard on ePowerMonitor.
Please share the serial number of the device, site name, users credentials, and dashboard type agreed upon with the salesperson corresponding to the project at Our team will revert back asap.

  • If you’re using ePowerMonitor pro, you only need to keep the same name as the previous inverter. No modifications are needed from our side.
  • If you’re using ePowerMonitor lite, please make sure you connect the new device on the same port as the previous one. You will only need to update the settings (reference, slave ID..). Do not delete the device from econf.
  • If the new device can’t be connected on the same port as the previous one, please contact our support team to update the site dashboard.
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