Solar controllers & data loggers for C&I and microgrids applications

Maximize PV penetration with robust and easy
to install C&I solar solutions by Elum Energy.

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Solar diesel integration
Facilitate solar-diesel integration
Solar storage integration
Ensure the reliability of your PV + BESS system
What are the main benefits of a solar controller for C&I ?
  • Enhanced energy efficiency: Optimize energy production, ensuring maximum output and efficiency.
  • Cost reduction: Improved energy efficiency leads to lower utility bills, reducing operational expenses.
  • Environmental sustainability: Reduce carbon footprint, promoting environmental responsibility.
Zero export
Ensure reliable grid feed-in management
Gain valuable insights from your energy data
Solar EV charging station
Maximize EV charging while optimizing PV penetration
All our solar controllers come with ePowerConfig, a user-friendly interface
that gives the operator full control of the plant in a few clicks.
Solar controller configuration by Elum energy

Why Commercial and industrial sites need a solar controller ?

C&I sites greatly benefit from solar controllers as crucial components in their solar energy infrastructure.

Unlike residential setups, C&I solar installations, driven by renewable energy and photovoltaic systems, often involve intricate arrays with varying energy demands.

Solar controllers optimize solar power production, regulating the performance of solar panels, ensuring they operate efficiently and deliver the required power output. This precision is vital for C&I sites aiming to reduce energy costs and environmental impact while maintaining uninterrupted power supply. They also facilitate grid integration.

Why choose Elum as your partner
for solar controllers ?

We support the installation of more renewables around the world in maximizing solar penetration while ensuring grid stability. Plus, Elum has developed a range of solar monitoring systems designed to enable efficient plant monitoring & control.

configuration & plant management
Compatible with
95% equipment
of the market
Flexible architecture that adapts to the scaling of your project

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