Simple & Efficient Solar Diesel integration

Ensure seamless incorporation of grid-tied solar diesel hybrid systems, with solar controllers.
  • Ensure minimum genset loading
  • Maximize PV production
  • Manage grid feed-in
  • Reduce fuel consumption

Reclaim control of the operation of your plant

Integrate PV + diesel system seamlessly to minimize fuel consumption through solar and hybrid fuel saver controllers. Regain autonomy on your site with easy setup and operation of your site, ensuring reduced LCOE.

configuration & plant management
Compatible with
95% equipment
of the market
Flexible architecture that adapts to the scaling of your project

Which solution is right for you?

 Both of our controllers offer advanced features,
but they serve different integration

ePowerControl SD

Solar-diesel hybrid controller

For power plants
below 300 kWp.


Ideal for grid-tied systems with a focus on PV penetration and genset management for up to 300 kWp

Max. number of devices: 32

  • PV inverters: 16
  • Genset: 4
  • Meters: 4
  • Export and import control for a single or multiple points of injection ( max 2)
  • Reactive power management
  • Fluctuation avoidance
  • Advanced maintenance and failsafe modes
Additional services
  • Standard customer support
  • Standard plant display

ePowerControl HFS

solar controller casing with big moxa by elum energy
Multiple genset controller

For power plants
from 300 kWp – 3 MWp.


Best for solar-diesel integration with advance genset management features for up to 3 MWp

Max. number of devices: 128

  • PV inverters: 64
  • Genset: 12
  • Meters: 32

All features included in SD

  • Advanced multiple gensets management including individual minimum genset loading
  • Genset load control
  • Export and import control for a single or multiple points of injection ( max 6)
Additional services
  • Advanced customer support (on-site/remote commissioning assistance)
  • Advanced plant dashboard
  • Pre-wired casing to speed up installation
  • PV SCADA system
Unlock monitoring capability with
our hypervision platform
ePowerMonitor by elum energy transparent background

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Frequently asked questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions

The PV production is automatically adjusted so as to have a maximum PV penetration while ensuring the gensets do not run below the minimum loading value (typically average 30% of genset nominal capacity)

The zero export feature is included in all or our controllers. They curtails solar power to enable a maximum PV production, while ensuring zero export to the grid, thus avoiding penalties from the grid operator. It also allows to feed power into the grid, in accordance with the grid operator guidelines and standards, as well as the ability to set grid targets autonomously by the operator.

The controller includes the minimum genset loading feature which ensures a certain level of reverse power protection, but not entirely. It’s therefore important to install a reverse power protection.

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