ePowerControl SD / SD+

Solar-Diesel hybrid controllers

A solar-diesel hybrid controller created to safely, easily,
and quickly integrate solar plants with single (SD)
multiple diesel generators (SD+).

Why choose ePowerControl SD?

Ensured minimum genset loading

Adjust solar inverters power to prevent the genset from running at a low load, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Grid feed-in management

Curtail solar power to prevent leakage to the main grid, minimize wastage and maximize the utilization of PV energy on-site.

Power factor Improvement

Through the reactive power management of solar inverters, improve your power factor both in grid-tied and islanded configurations.

Reduced fuel consumption

Integrate PV + diesel system seamlessly to minimize fuel consumption.

Schema C&I Building Solar diesel by Elum energy

Reclaim the control on the operation of your plant

Integrate PV + diesel system seamlessly to minimize fuel consumption. Regain autonomy on your site with easy setup and operation of your site, ensuring reduced LCOE.

configuration &
plant management
Compatible with
95% equipment
of the market
Flexible architecture
that adapts to the scaling of your project

How our solar diesel hybrid controller is working?

Ensure control with integrated features

Control of solar inverters to respect minimum loading of gensets.
Management of solar inverters, genset controllers and breakers to limit export to the grid and import (peak shaving) from the grid in grid-tied configuration.
Reactive power is controlled dynamically to regulate PF at PCC or genset level within a configured range. Includes the possibility to prioritize active or reactive power objectives.
Limitation of ramps for all controlled assets both for active and reactive power control.
Maintenance mode for assets to keep logging data from assets which should temporarily not be used for control. Optimized failsafes to stop devices when communication of key elements are missing.

Monitor your assets with data Intelligence

from all linked devices on site (meters, solar inverters, genset controllers, weather stations (irradiance/t°), and I/O modules), & offer a secure local storage.
  • Locally, over USB,
  • Locally, over Modbus gateway
  • Remotely, using ePowerMonitor or
    compatible third-party monitoring platforms
    (FTP push, API integration).
Unlock monitoring capability with our hypervision, platform ePowerMonitor

Elum has maximized the profitability of many hybrid power plants worldwide

Frequently asked questions

ePowerControl SD is suited for the control and monitoring of solar energy systems integrating PV plants and up to 4 gensets, grid-tied or off grid, with a maximum capacity of 300 kWp. For plants above this capacity, see our HFS product.
The PV production is automatically adjusted so as to have a maximum PV penetration while ensuring the gensets do not run below the minimum loading value (typically average 30% of genset nominal capacity).
The zero export feature is included in all or our controllers. Our solar diesel hybrid controller curtails the right amount of solar power to enable a maximum PV production, while ensuring zero export to the grid, thus avoiding penalties from the grid operator.
The controller includes the minimum genset loading feature which ensures a certain level of reverse power protection, but not entirely. It’s therefore important to install a Reverse power protection.

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