Seamless Energy Storage integration

Navigate the complexities of integrating BESS on your solar site with our energy storage solutions
  • Cross compatibility with any BESS brands
  • Prioritize battery various uses
  • Adaptable to any islanded, grid-tied or mixed modes
Schema C&I Building Solar diesel by Elum energy

Ensure uninterrupted energy

Integrate PV + BESS seamlessly to ensure energy independence, lowers costs, and boosts your solar system’s efficiency. Our energy storage and microgrid controllers will support you to regain autonomy on your site with easy setup and operation, ensuring reduced LCOE.

configuration & plant management
Compatible with
95% equipment
of the market
Flexible architecture that adapts to the scaling of your project

Which solution is right for you?

 Both of our controllers offer advanced features,
but they serve different energy
management scenarios.

ePowerControl ES

small and big moxa by elum energy
One-size-fits-all energy storage controller

For standard applications


Ideal for standard grid-tied systems up to 300 kWh, incorporating battery storage systems (BESS) alongside various energy sources.

Max. number of devices: 64

  • PV inverters: 32
  • BESS: 16
  • Genset: 2
  • Meters: 16
  • Time of use management
  • Export and Import control for a single or multiple points of injection
  • Reactive power management
  • Respects equipment constraints
  • Advanced maintenance and failsafe modes
Additional services
  • Standard customer support
  • Standard plant display

ePowerControl MC

solar controller casing by elum energy
Tailored energy storage controller

For complex applications


Best for solar-diesel integration with advance genset management features for up to 3 MWp

Max. number of devices: 128

  • PV inverters: 64
  • BESS: 16
  • Genset: 32
  • Meters: 32

All features included in ES

  • Adaptive start/stop of genset controllers
  • Automatic switches from grid-tied to islanding modes with N+2 redundancy
Additional services
  • Advanced customer support (on-site/remote commissioning assistance)
  • Custom plant dashboard
  • Dedicated project manager
  • On-site control & analysis with SCADA interface
  • Pre-wired casing to speed up installation
Unlock monitoring capability with our hypervision platform
ePowerMonitor by elum energy transparent background

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Frequently asked questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions

  • During GENSET Prime, in case the SoC exceeds the configured threshold, the controller launches the automatic transition to BESS Prime.
  • (only for ePowerControl MC) During BESS prime, in case the SoC drops below the configured minimum threshold, the controller launches the automatic transition to GENSET Prime.
The controller manages the Start/stop of the genset in grid following mode on load condition to provide support to the BESS. The genset’s active power output will be controlled to keep the active power of the BESS below a configurable maximum power.
To ensure the maximum exploitation of the PV resource, the controller includes a PV Optimization function, which sends active power setpoints to the BESS, running generators and PV inverters.

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