Solar Controllers & Dataloggers

Reclaim the control and monitoring of your plant with Elum solar controllers & dataloggers designed for auto-consumption and utility scale applications

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Products for
C&I / Microgrids

Maximize PV penetration with robust and easy to install C&I solar solutions by Elum Energy.

Solar diesel integration
Ensure the reliability of your PV + genset system
Solar Storage integration
Ensure the reliability of your PV + BESS system
Zero export
Ensure efficient grid feed-in management and avoid penalties from operators
Gain valuable insights from your energy data with our solar datalogger
Solar EVC station
Control and supervise EV charging stations including BESS
Products for

Stay grid-compliant while achieving peak performance with Elum’s tailored PPC solutions.

Utility Scale
Monitor and control your large scale applications with a reliable PPC controller + SCADA platform
All our controllers come with Elum Care Support Plan

✔ Local eConf, our configuration tool

✔ Lite version of our monitoring platform

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What is a solar
controller ?

A solar controller is a central piece of solar power installations. Its primary purpose is to smoothly integrate the different equipments of a site and bring control on the complete system.

For grid-tied systems, it maximizes PV penetration, while ensuring grid-compliance.

For-off grid configurations, it brings reliability to the full system, allowing the different elements to work together for uninterrupted power.

Why is it strategic for
IPPs and EPC ?

EPCs and IPPs can benefit from the use of solar controllers during design, commissioning and operation in order to reduce their LCOE.

A solar controller will minimize the costs of installation as it brings flexibility to the system in connecting the different components smoothly.

When associated to a supervision tool it can support the performance of plants in the long term and help optimize asset value.

Why choose Elum as your partner
for solar controllers ?

configuration & plant management
Compatible with
95% equipment
of the market
Flexible architecture that adapts to the scaling of your project

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