A real time solution for control & supervision

Reliable system displaying data collected from various equipments in an HMI to help operators manage their plant.

Why choose ePowerSCADA?

Enhance your energy management

Our software displays the data collected from various equipments (inverters, bess, transformers, weather stations, etc.) on an HMI, creating a reliable system used to monitor and control power plants.

Fortified offline monitoring

Stay on top of your power plant’s performance with real-time offline and remote monitoring. ePowerSCADA offers instantaneous insights into crucial data, allowing you to quickly detect anomalies and reduce down time.

Effortless Control

Our user-friendly HMI simplifies complex control tasks. Operators can easily adjust settings, manage energy distribution, and respond to changing conditions with a few clicks.
How PPC works by Elum Energy
Get the most out of your power plant
with a PPC + SCADA combination
ePowerControl PPC scada
ePowerControl PPC​
  • Tailored control strategy
  • Ensured grid compliance
  • Connection aggregator to access spot market
  • Settings adjustments
  • Offline alarms
  • Real time monitoring

Features designed for quick anomaly
and reduced downtime

Connect every crucial element of your power plant. Our platform forms a bridge between
the different components, allowing for seamless communication and data exchange.

Tailored control features to meet your project requirements

SLD synoptic, displaying power plant main KPIs, and the equipments state of functioning

Alerts the operator when an equipment / plant alarms occur. Alarm log is displayed and stored locally.
Elum SCADA is accessed through a 15’ rugged touchscreen on controller cabinet front door
Elum SCADA can be accessed remotely via a secure VPN connection

Possibility to operate and control switchgears from a safe distance. Fully autonomous – no internet is required.

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