Solar monitoring systems designed for efficient plant monitoring & control

Successfully and easily configure, monitor and
control your plants.

Our interfaces are designed to support the complex challenges
of 0&M team, asset managers and building owners.

Interfaces by Elum energy

Discover which interface will fit your needs

Each one of our platforms is tailored to your needs
and is designed for specific applications.
Automatic data downloading 24/7 from
Elum’s dataloggers and controllers



For all applications


Multi-energy, multi-site remote monitoring platform

  • Data monitoring
  • Performance analysis
  • Portfolio overview
  • Reporting & data export
  • Anomaly detection
  • Custom dashboards


Supervision, control &
data acquisition platform

For utility scale applications


Real time supervision & control solution

  • Real-time offline monitoring
  • Offline alarms
  • Touchscreen visualization
  • Remote access
  • Switchgear remote control
  • Local supervision, data acquisition and control of the plant
  • Real-time synoptics and alarm pages


Network & control configuration tool

For all applications


Intuitive configuration & commissioning solution:

  • Quick intuitive EMS configuration
  • Easy diagnosis
  • Error messages & set points follow up
  • Monitoring of slave devices
  • Real time offline monitoring
  • Offline local access

Frequently asked questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions

The data acquisition is done through Elum’s controllers and dataloggers. The data is then automatically exported to ePowerMonitor for remote monitoring and storage.
Additionally, for utility scale applications, Elum offers a Scada system for PV plants (ePowerSCADA) for extensive data acquisition, monitoring and control.

ePowerSCADA is highly secure. It offers 3 levels of authentication + VPN.
ePowerMonitor includes an option to send emails to notify the user when an alarm appears.
eConf is specifically designed to simplify the configuration process, for every user, without the need for coding skills

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