ePowerLog Series

Universal solar datalogger

A universal data logging and monitoring device for solar energy
systems that seamlessly integrates PV plants, diesel generators,
and battery storage.

Why choose ePowerLog?

Gain valuable insights

Data collection from all equipments of the site via I/Os, main power equipment: solar inverters, BESS inverters, genset controllers, meters, weather stations, and third party sensors.

Enhanced Data Integrity

Guaranteed reliable data acquisition and logging from all linked devices on-site, and ensures data integrity by securely storing information in an embedded database.

Effortless Data Export and Visualization

Multiple data export and visualization options, allowing local access through USB or Modbus Gateway, and remote access via ePowerMonitor, our energy monitoring software, or compatible third-party monitoring platforms.

Schema C&I Building Solar diesel by Elum energy

Data monitoring and analysis designed for your energy management needs

Integrate PV + diesel system seamlessly to minimize fuel consumption. Regain autonomy on your site with easy setup and operation of your site, ensuring reduced LCOE.

configuration &
plant management
Compatible with
95% equipment
of the market
Flexible architecture that adapts to the scaling of your project

How does our solar datalogger work?

Reliable acquisition and logging, with secure local storage for all linked devices on site

One interface to edit site equipment parameters (setpoints)

Multiple data export and visualization options:

  • local via USB and Modbus Gateway
  • remote through ePowerMonitor and compatible third-party platforms
Configuration interface User-friendly configuration interface through local web browser

Remote assistance from qualified Elum engineer to support local commissioning team

Unlock monitoring capability with our hypervision, platform ePowerMonitor

Elum has maximized the monitoring of many hybrid power plants worldwide

Frequently asked questions

ePowerControl DL is suited for the monitoring of solar energy systems integrating PV plants, grid, diesel generators and/or battery storage systems.

Multiple ways for data export and visualisation are available:

  • Locally, over USB, and Modbus gateway (to connect to 3rd party Modbus master).
  • Remotely, using Elum ePowerMonitor or compatible third-party monitoring platforms (FTP push, API integration).

DL can monitor all the devices installed on the site, and collect all the available data :

  • PV inverter data and alarms
  • Gensets data and alarms
  • BESS data and alarms
  • Grid data and alarms
  • Weather station data
  • Sensors data (Irradiance, temperature…)
  • TIC (or impulsion) meter data ¹
  • I/O modules
  • Linked devices status

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