Elum’s configuration tool
Reclaim control over the set up & operation of your power
plant in just a few clicks
. eConf comes with all
ePowerControl products to:
1 Facilitate commissioning and configuration
2 Enable local monitoring & maintenance
3 Support the upgrades of the installation
Welcome to eConf Screenshot eConf
One tool to help you configure Elum products
eConf simplifies the configuration and commissioning process, with its user-friendly, intuitive interface, without the need for an internet connection or coding skills.

Total autonomy for the configuration & commissioning of the plant

Elum’s configuration tool
Thanks to eConf streamlined process, non-coding experts can now set
up their plant’s EMS with ease, through any web browser. No internet required.
eConf screenshot Internet connection via LAN or SIM card.
Internet connection via LAN or SIM card.
Site settings econf by Elum energy
Slave devices integration: Configuration and automatic testing
Data config econf screenshot by Elum energy
Configuration of external interfaces: hypervisor, aggregator, DSO/TSO
Configuration of the control settings of the energy sources (PV, Gensets, BESS..)

Why choose eConf ?

Quick EMS Configuration

Built-in EMS advanced settings, allowing you to configure (and reconfigure) complex sites autonomously.

Easy Diagnosis

Intuitive design to simplify reporting, analysis, and follow-up tasks.

Error messages and setpoints follow-up

Error messages and setpoints follow-up can be viewed and downloaded from the “Logs” page for easy diagnosis.

Monitoring of slave devices

Real-time slave devices status, alarms and measurements can be viewed on the “devices” page.

Real-time Offline Monitoring

Monitor critical data, including Power plant main KPIs, Devices status, Alarms and Logs.

Offline local access

Accessible locally (LAN) through any web browser. No internet required.
eConf screenshot 2 by Elum energy

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