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Getting started

Getting started

You’re new to ePowerMonitor  and need to learn more about it ? Please refer to the dedicated user manual to access detailed guidelines and in-depth explanation of the product, the use cases, the installation, configuration, and commissioning.

You’re interested in using ePowerMonitor and wish to have a quick overview of it ? Please refer to the product datasheet to learn more on its features, use cases and technical specifications. Or contact our sales team by clicking here.


>>> Need to create a dashboard for your installation ? 

Reach out to our support team at support@elum-energy.com, specifying the serial number of the device, site name, users credentials, and dashboard type corresponding to your project.

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Documentation ePowerMonitor

User manual
ePowerMonitor Datasheet
Facing issues with your installation ?
Refer to the troubleshooting
section in the help center.

FAQ ePowerMonitor

ePowerMonitor Pro version offers the possibility to display alarms on the dashboard, with labels, ranges and appearance conditions specific to your installation.

Two options are available: you can choose either a 2 years or a 5 years licence.
Please contact our sales at sales@elum-energy.com for more details.

  • There is no time limit to fetch the data. The CSV exports can be done for a set period of 3 months.
  • The data acquisition granularity is as follows : real-time for alarms , 10 minutes for data.
Please clear the cookies of the website and retry. ePowerMonitor should be accessible.
  • If you’re using ePowerMonitor Pro, please keep the same name as the previous inverter. No modifications are needed from our side.
  • If you’re using ePowerMonitor Lite, please contact our support to update the site dashboard at support@elum-energy.com for assistance.

Please check your internet connection on site to ensure it is not causing the problem. Once the site is back online, all the data should be accessible as usual.

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