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Over the last decade, DNP3 has emerged as one of the most prevalent international standard protocols in the SCADA market. DNP3 protocol has been selected as the main protocol of communication by the city of Cape Town (South Africa) to operate the Distributed Solar Plants of less than 1 MW  installed in the rooftop of commercial and industrial buildings located in the scope of the municipality. 

The city requires the Power Plants user to install a DPN3 interface in order to allow the Network Control Center to monitor and transmit commands of PV curtailment in case of grid congestion in the local network.  

Bring your installations into compliance with the CoCT regulations with Elum Energy ePowerControl technologies. 

schema of solar pv system with Elum Energy DNP3 add on for Cape Town in South Africa

Elum's Solution

Elum’s ePowerControl DNP3 add-on is the module that enables the communication with the CoCT SCADA municipality in order to receive and apply the orders directly from the SCADA to the PV inverters.

The DNP3 add-on controller works with all Elum products (DL, ZE, SD, HFS, MC and PPC). It converts the order from DNP3 to Modbus that is transmitted directly to Elum controllers in order to dynamically control the PV inverter output. 

Elum DNP3 Add-on solution is compatible with most of the inverters brands available in the market.

The turnkey solution reduces commissioning time and costs and provides engineering teams with more compatibility options during the design and engineering phases of the project.


Key elements

ePowerControl products + DNP3 Add-on controls the solar power plant according to the requirements of the Cape Town grid operator.

Compliance with country grid code while maximizing power output and plant revenue.

Elum controller + DNP3 Add-on curtails the exact amount of solar power to maximize solar penetration while avoiding any penalty from the grid operator.

ePowerControl products + DNP3 Add-on supports main protocols: Modbus, SNMP. Specific protocols can be integrated upon request (see equipment compatibility list for more information).

Gateway function to transfer data between Modbus TCP and DNP3 TCP.


ePowerLog DL

 Universal Datalogger

ePowerControl ZE

Solar plant export limitation controller

ePowerControl SD

 Universal Datalogger


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DNP3 Add-on datasheet

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