Remote monitoring platform


Remote monitoring platform

Leverage data intelligence to analyze multi-energies power plant

ePowerMonitor is a data-visualization platform tailored for monitoring the performance of multi-energy sites.

The platform is suitable for many applications: from self-consumption to grid-tied utility-scale projects.

Multiple benefits

Increase the performance of production sites

Assists O&M team manage their multi-energy site installations through portfolio overview

Save resolution time

Accelerates site diagnosis through customizable alarms, and advanced KPIs to quickly implement corrective actions

epowermonitor interface on an imac

Value your solar site

Assists the building owner to share information and value his solar site in front of clients or employees through user-friendly interfaces

Facilitate reporting

Assists Asset Manager to provide financial reports through advanced production KPIs

An array of features designed to reach your objectives

elum energy's dashboard on grid
alarm demo of epowermonitor's elum energy dashboard
epowermonitor dashboard elum energy

Portfolio overview

A portfolio dashboard with aggregated data for high-level reporting and analysis

Live site visulalization

Intuitive visualization of live site data through graphs and KPIs by equipment monitored

Reporting & data export

GIS menu with site status 

Anomaly detection

Configure and manage alarms to remotely detect equipment failures and receive automated notifications

Custom dashboards

Specific data and analysis, tailored to your requirements / visualize data in real-time through dynamic dashboards and displays

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ePowerMonitor User Manual

epowermonitor product overview

ePowermonitor Product Overview


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