On site Control & Analysis


Utility-scale solar power plants face many challenges in local maintenance, intervention and Solar Performances; The Grid tied solar plants is generally composed of hundreds of devices such as inverters, meters, weathers stations that are monitored at the same time and located on broad areas.

These devices generate a tremendous amount of data that can become hard to process in order to take the right maintenance decisions on time.

Elum Energy SCADA system enables you to understand data’s significance by communicating this information quickly, clearly, and efficiently. 


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Elum's Solution

Elum SCADA (available for PPC only) offers:


  • Real-time offline monitoring: SLD synoptic, displaying power plant main KPIs, and equipment status 
  • Offline Alarms: Live alarms overview 
  • Touchscreen visualization: (available with ePowerControl PPC only) Elum SCADA is accessed through a 15’ rugged touchscreen on the controller cabinet front door
The SCADA Center allows technical operation management for PV power plants on site. It visualizes all measured values locally and in real time. In the event of a fault, you can react quickly and efficiently. High-quality analyses, power flow diagrams and a smart alarm management system are provided for this purpose. The system has interfaces to all Modbus readable equipments on site such as Inverters, meters, weathers stations, string monitoring units, SEPAM relays etc..
In the SCADA Center, you can change read-write variables on these devices and are immediately given visual feedback regarding the status.

Key elements

Single line synoptic, displaying power plant main KPIs with busbar configuration, equipment status and plant alarms.

ePowerControl SCADA alerts the operator when an equipment / plant alarms occur. Alarm log is displayed and stored locally. 

Collection and local secure storage of all data + alarms from equipment connected on site for over 100 days. Data can be collected from meters, solar inverters, MV stations, genset controllers, weather sensors (irradiance/temperature…), and I/Os.

ePowerControl SCADA interface allows setpoint edition of writeable registers accessible from the equipment (active/reactive power, control modes…)

Edition of all the accessible written Modbus registers of the equipment can be done locally via the touchscreen. 

Fully autonomous – no internet is required.


ePowerControl PPC

 Power plant controller


Remote site monitoring platform


SCADA datasheet

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SCADA User Manual

ePowerControl SCADA user manual

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ePowerLog DL Datasheet