Top 5 Most Used Solar Inverters for PV Hybrid Systems in 2023


As the year 2023 comes to a close, we’ve analyzed the data from numerous project quotations to determine the most used inverter brands for PV hybrid systems. This year’s rankings showcase the continued evolution and diversification within the solar inverter market.
Most Used Solar Inverters in 2023
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1. Huawei

Maintaining its dominant position, Huawei retains the top spot in the rankings with an impressive 39% of all project quotations. Notably, Huawei has showcased a strong presence in the EMEA region, with significant quotes coming from France, APAC and Peru. The SUN-2000 100KTL and 330KTL models, often coupled with Smartloggers, continue to be preferred choices.

2. Sungrow

Sungrow climbs up the ranks to secure the second spot, garnering 20% of the project quotations. Widely used in Asia, Sungrow’s influence has expanded in these regions, demonstrating its versatility and reliability in diverse environments. The SG110-CX, known for its Multi-MPPT String Inverter capabilities and resilience in harsh conditions, has been notably prevalent in solar projects in Pakistan and Middle Eastern countries.

3. SMA

With 12% of project quotations, SMA maintains a substantial presence, prominently featured in key countries in North Africa. Notably, SMA’s consistent use in utility-scale projects in APAC and Europe underscores its ongoing relevance and reliability within utility-scale solar installations.

*4. Fronius

Fronius secures a 7% share in the market, continuing to be a favoured choice for commercial installations. Notably, the Symo Advanced inverter’s UL 3741 certification in 2023 has amplified Fronius’s position in the market. This certification, combined with multiple industry-leading racking systems, expands installation options for their commercial string inverters, especially in scenarios demanding rapid shutdown capabilities. Fronius continues to establish its presence in Sub-Saharan African and LATAM regions.

*4. Solis

Sharing the fourth spot with a 7% share is Solis, recognized for its contributions in the APAC region and specifically in solar-diesel projects in Southeast Asia. This past year, Solis has released two updated inverter ranges. These releases include the Solis 100K-5G-PRO series designed for higher-powered commercial and industrial applications and the 255kW-EHV three-phase inverter optimised for large utility-scale systems.

5. Goodwe

Closing the list with a 4% share is GoodWe, primarily active in South Africa, where most quotes originated this year. GoodWe’s presence aligns with industry trends, evident in their launch of the ES G2 series of storage inverters compatible with high-power modules, enhancing energy storage during off-peak times.

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This year we have remained dedicated to driving the global energy transition forward and we are proud to have installed 2000 solar projects across the globe. Our compatibility with 95% of equipment available on the market allows us to seamlessly integrate renewables into grids worldwide and develop our network of trusted global partners.

Khanya Gubangxa Content specialist at Elum Energy
Content specialist at Elum Energy

Khanya joined Elum energy in  2022. She has been reporting on solar and renewable energy since then.

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