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Getting started
Need to know how to navigate through our configuration tool ?

Go to the relevant product page, and check out the demos in the installation section.

Getting started

You’re interested in eConf and wish to have a quick overview of it ? Please refer to the product datasheet to learn more on its features and use cases. Or contact our sales team by clicking here.

And here’s a list of all the integrated drivers in eConf.
Please contact our support team if your device is not listed.

Documentation eConf

Integrated drivers list
Facing issues with your installation ?
Refer to the troubleshooting
section in the help center.

FAQ eConf

We recommend updating the firmware when applicable, in order to get the latest features.

eConf is specifically designed to simplify the configuration process, for every user, without the need for coding skills.

The PV curtailment metric displays the total of setpoints the controller sends to the PV inverters.
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