Solar Power Plant of Arsenal

Utility Scale
14 MWp
Arsenal Solar Power Plant

Utility-scale PV production

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl PPC

The Arsenal power plant, located in the northern part of Mauritius, has been successfully completed, boasting a capacity of 14 MWp, making it one of the largest installations on the island. 

ePowerControl PPC was selected to ensure grid stability, achieving optimal performance while fully complying with grid regulations. The implementation of this controller has facilitated efficient management of power generation and distribution, meeting the stringent standards set by the local utility, CEB.

The plant is connected to the Mauritius grid overseen by CEB. With ePowerControl PPC, the system regulates injection, active/reactive power, frequency, and PV curtailment, synchronizing with commands from CEB via the IEC-104 protocol for optimal grid performance.

The fully operational plant now produces 20 GWh of green energy annually, effectively meeting the energy needs of approximately 4,500 Mauritian households each year.

  • Layout:
    PV – 14 MWp
  • Inverters: 50 x Huawei
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