Battery Storage Integration in Kulara Water Factory

South Asia
650 kWp
Battery Storage integration of Kulara water bottling facility 2


Battery storage integration

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl MC

Kulara Water’s off-grid bottling facility is equipped with an on-site 650kW power plant and an 896kWh battery system.

This hybrid system of solar energy and battery storage was installed in Q1 2022 to ensure that the facility is provided with energy continuously.

The site is off-grid: the battery is used for grid forming, and the diesel generators in grid following. If the state of charge of the battery drops below a certain threshold, the diesel generators are called to supply the load.

The site can work also if the battery is in maintenance, by switching the generators to grid-forming mode.

Elum Energy ePowerControl MC eases the solar battery integration with the existing infrastructure and maximizes the solar penetration on this site.

  • Layout:
  • PV:  650  kWp
  • BESS: 896 kWh
  • Genset: 2 x 500 kVA

  • Inverters: 5
  • Battery inverters: 1
  • Gensets: 2
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