Hybrid Power Plant of a Fertiliser Farm

320 kWp
Hybrid Solar Power Plant in Malawi 2


Solar, battery, diesel integration

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl MC

Due to the frequent power cuts in Malawi, the site has turned to solar energy to reduce its dependence on the grid.

The Hybrid Power System is equipped with 3 x 110 kW PV inverters, 680 kWh HV BESS, 550 kVA generator and 500 kW PCS and STS for seamless transfer from on/off- grid.

ePowerControl MC has been added to the system to bring reliability and optimize the cost of energy. The plant operates in two modes:

  • On-grid mode
  • Off-grid mode
  • Layout:
  • PV: 320 kWp
    BESS: 680 kWh
    Gensets: 550 kVA
  • Inverters: 3 x 110kW 3P
  • Battery: 680 kWh HV
    PCS and STS: 500 kVA
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