Hybrid Solar Power Plant of Lubi Island Resort

South Asia
415.8 kWp
Lubi Island Resort
Lubi Island Resort 2

Solar diesel integration

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl HFS

A newly installed system on the Lubi Plantation Resort will serve as the island’s primary power source.

The addition of ePowerControl HFS has resulted in significant fuel savings by utilizing solar power to support the energy needs of the hotel’s 48 villas. This integration enables the hotel to reduce its fuel consumption by an impressive 20% monthly.

The PV plant will generate around 45,000 kWh of clean energy every month, making it one of the few sustainable resorts in the Philippines.

The results:
– The energy produced will annually cut carbon emissions by 251 metric tons.
– It will supply 60% of the resort’s energy needs upon completion.

  • Layout:
    PV: 415.8 kWp
  • Gensets: 1,900 kW

  • Inverters: 3 x Huawei Sun2000-100KTL 
    Gensets: 6 x Baudouin 
  • Meters: 2 x Schneider Electric PM2130
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