Public School in Pakistan

Central Asia
100 kWp
Public School in Pakistan

Solar diesel integration

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl SD

This public school in Pakistan relied on the Diesel genset as a backup energy source during load-shedding periods. To reduce fuel consumption, solar panels were implemented, creating a grid-tied PV/Diesel system.

For increased reliability and solar integration into the system, ePowerControl SD was added and seamlessly integrated into 2 SMA inverters and 2 Janitza meters. This ensures the genset operates at its minimum loading and that the system complies with grid codes.

With the aid of our onsite platform, the controller was remotely commissioned by the EPC technical team with support from our deployment team.

  • Layout:
    PV: 100 kWp
  • Genstes: 200 kVA

  • Inverters: 4 x Goodwe
    Genstes: 2
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