Solar, Battery, Diesel Integration of a Tools Manufacturer

1.2 MWp
Solar, battery, diesel integration of a tools manufacturer in South Africa 2


Solar, battery, diesel integration

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl MC

Facing challenges of potential power disruptions during load shedding, a manufacturing site sought a dependable solution for uninterrupted production.

They selected Elum ePowerControl MC to bring reliability to the system and optimize energy costs. The plant can now operate under 3 modes:

  • Grid-connected mode
  • Islanded mode
  • Diesel Generator charging mode


  • Layout:
  • PV: 1.2 MWp
    BESS: 1 MW / 1.25 MWh
  • Inverters: 2 PV plants
    (900 + 300 kWp with 60kWp Huawei inverters)

    BESS: 2 x 500 kW ATESS PCS / 1250 kWh Battery Capacity
    Gensets: 2 x 385 kVA Deepsea 8610 MKII
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