Solar, Biogas Genset Integration of an Agrifarm

South Asia
100 kWp
Biogas agrifarm

Solar, biogas genset integration

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl HFS + ePowerMonitor

In the Philippines, a renewable energy provider has selected ePowerControl HFS to improve the energy production efficiency of an agricultural farm by reducing its dependence on biogas generators.

With a total capacity of 100 kWp, including 2 SMA inverters and 4 gensets, the project aims to decrease biogas consumption through solar integration. At the same time, ensuring generators operate at a minimum of 30% nominal capacity, thus enabling the PV system to cover the remaining load.

Real-time multi-energy production monitoring is facilitated through ePowerMonitor.

  • Layout:
    PV: 100 kWp
  • Gensets: 640 kW

  • Inverters: 2 x SMA
    Gensets: 3 x 160 KW biogas generators
    + 1 x 160 KW back-up genset
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