Solar Diesel Integration of a PEPSI factory

Central Asia
1 MWp
Solar diesel integration of a beverage factory in Pakistan 2


Solar diesel integration of a grid-tied site

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl HFS

In this project located in Pakistan, ePowerControl HFS has been selected by a PEPSI factory, to reduce fuel consumption and produce fast and more reliable energy.

The system’s total capacity is 1 MWp. It is composed of 7 Huawei + 6 SMA inverters and 5 Gensets.

The main objectives are: 

  • Reduce fuel consumption of the site by ensuring solar-diesel integration
  • Ensure that the diesel generators do not work at less than 30% of their nominal capacity during their running time, allowing the PV to deliver the rest.

The facility is eqipped with ePowerMonitor, Elum’s advanced monitoring platform enabling real-time tracking of energy production online.

  • Layout:
  • PV: 1 MWp
  • Gensets: 5 x 400 kVA


  • Inverters:
    6 x SMA STP25000TL
    7 x Huawei SUN2000 100KTL
  • Gensets:
    5 x 400V DeepSea DSE8610
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