Solar Power Plant of ZAC Mitra

Utility Scale
5,5 mwp

Injection control on the Enedis HTA network

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl PPC + SCADA

Elum Energy has supplied PPC and SCADA regulation controllers for a power plant connected to the ENEDIS HTA network.

By communicating with the grid operator, the controller allows the customer to contribute to the stability of the grid via active and reactive power commands. Together with the aggregator, it allows the customer to stop production when market prices are negative.

ePowerControl PPC allows manual control of solar injection for operation and maintenance.

SCADA allows remote monitoring and history of plant performance. Our monitoring platform, ePowerMonitor, provides detailed monitoring of plants performance.

  • Layout:
    PV – 5.5 MWp
  • Inverters: 23 x Huawei
  • POI – 1 
    PTR – 1 
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