Solar, BESS, Genset Power Plant in Chad

Utility Scale
5 MWp
Solar, BESS, Genset Power Plant in Chad 2


Utility scale solar, battery, diesel integration 

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl PPC

Chad’s first solar hybrid plant operates in two modes, injecting power into the main or a designated grid section based on genset status. ePowerControl PPC ensures efficient BESS synchronization and mode management for sustainability.

The plant’s estimated annual energy production of 14,482,300 kWh will cover Abéché’s electricity needs, benefiting the city’s 80,000 residents. The project saves an impressive 5 million liters of diesel annually.

Despite pandemic challenges, the EPC team efficiently commissioned the plant’s controller remotely. Coupled initially with existing generators, the project exemplifies a greener, cost-effective approach for Abéché.

  • Layout:
  • PV: 5 MWp
  • Gensets: 2.6 MW
  • BESS: 5 MW / 10 MWh

    : Huawei
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