Energy sub-metering 

of industrial sites

Energy sub-metering 

of industrial sites


For industrial buildings, the change in energy consumption is an indicator to follow in order to control costs and monitor productivity.

The challenge for a maintenance manager is to have detailed visibility of the site’s energy consumption by workstation, machine or production line in order to carry out preventive maintenance actions, measure energy consumption with low granularity and anticipate penalties (power overrun or low power factor).

Access to unreliable hand-measured data makes it difficult to identify the source of a problem at the machine level and over time.

Elum's solution

ePowerLog DL is a datalogger allowing the energy data feedback at the level of the primary and secondary transformer stations (TGBT). The collected data concerns electrical data but also gas and compressed air meters. This data feedback is displayed on ePowerMonitor , Elum’s monitoring platform, which allows to display production data, network consumption, consumption of the different equipments. This allows to have a tool adapted to ISO 50001 for the control of energy consumption but also to set up energy efficiency actions.

ePowerMonitor, the monitoring tool provided by Elum Energy allows the reporting of equipment alarms but also alarms that can be set by the user.

Key elements

Collection of various types of energy data (electricity, gas, compressed air)

Intuitive and simple eConf configuration menu allowing configuration and start-up of the datalogger in a few hours

ePowerMonitor complies with the energy management standard within the framework of the ISO5001 certification.

ePowerMonitor helps reduce energy consumption by detecting consumption inefficiencies 

ePowerMonitor provides a real-time overview of the energy consumption per machine as well as customized alarm management.


ePowerLog DL

 Universal Datalogger


Remote site monitoring platform

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