ePowerControl ES

A simple controller for complex energy storage microgrids

ePowerControl ES

A simple controller for complex energy storage microgrids controller

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Maximize the profitability of your Solar Energy Storage system

Elum ePowerControl ES is an energy storage controller (energy management system) dedicated to microgrids with battery storage systems (BESS) eventually coupled with other energy sources such as PV or diesel generators. 

ePowerControl ES uses an advanced control algorithm to manage battery charging strategy maximizing PV penetration, genset, and battery bank life, and reducing diesel fuel costs.


EpowerControl ES is a plug-and-play controller easy to install, thanks to Elum’s eConf, our in-house commissioning web interface. EpowerControl ES is suitable for islanded microgrids, grid-tied applications, or mixed applications.

Main features


When connected to the internet, collected data is transferred to ePowerMonitor platform or other third-party platforms. When the internet connection is lost, data is stored to ensure data integrity.

Diesel off mode

ePowerControl ES automatically adjusts solar inverters’ power according to the gensets load in order to increase solar penetration.

Grid feed-in management

It controls the active and reactive power at the point of common
coupling control to maximize solar penetration while avoiding any penalty from the grid operator. It can allow a maximum export or a minimum import matching end client requirements


Genset Start/Stop management

ePowerControl ES manages to Genset Auto Start Stop when the BESS acts as the grid forming unit. Setpoints are directly configurable by the user

Configuration interface

Elum controllers offer a simple web-based configuration interface to perform all necessary configurations in a guided step-by-step way autonomously

Smart Control

Load-shifting, peak-shaving & time of use management by direct control of ESS system. Setpoints are directly configurable by the user


ePowerControl ES datasheet

Device Connection & Configuration guide

ePowerControl User Manual

Application Note


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