ePowerControl ZE

Limitation of solar injection controller

ePowerControl ZE

Limitation of solar injection controller

Zero Export controller dedicated to solar power plant

Elum’s ePowerControl ZE is a zero export controller for grid-connected solar power plants for self-consumption applications in geographical areas where power management is required. 

The controller has a wide range of equipment compatibility, integrated data logging functions and comes with an easy to use and flexible commissioning interface. 

The solution reduces commissioning time and costs and offers more compatibility options during the design and engineering phases of the project.

Main features

Grid feed-in management

Curtailment of solar inverters power output to ensure 0 export of solar production to the grid, avoiding any penalty from national grid operator


Collection of all data and alarms from meters, inverters, gensets, ESS, EV chargers, weather station (pyranometer, temperature sensor), meters, I/Os

Extended compatibility

Main protocols supported are Modbus RTU/TCP SunSpec

Others can be integrated upon request 


Local parameter edition

One interface to edit all site equipment parameters (setpoints) and operating modes


Data export & visualisation

ePowerMonitor or third party platform through FTP Push, Rest API, MQTT. Local raw data export (.csv) 

Configuration interface

User-friendly configuration interface through local web browser (ethernet connection) for autonomous connectivity and equipment setup



ePowerControl ZE datasheet

Connection & configuration guide

ePowerControl User Manual

DNP3 Add-on datasheet


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