Solar charging station 

for electric vehicles

Solar charging station 

for electric vehicles


Industrial and commercial (C&I) buildings today want to benefit from solar energy with the possibility of integrating electric vehicle charging stations in their parking spaces.


When a solar production capacity + charging station is added, several issues are essential :

  • Monitoring Anomaly detection on the scale of a portfolio of self-consumption charging stations
  • Smart charging application: control of the charging speed of the terminal according to the state of charge of the batteries
  • V2G : control of the charging and discharging of the bollard according to the instructions received


A monitoring and control system is therefore essential to carry out the services linked to the terminal.

Microgrid for electric vehicle charging composed of a building with solar pv panel and grid and monitoring and control system

Elum's solution

ePowerLog DL and the ePowerControl ZE/PPC solutions are Elum Energy’s monitoring and control solutions that connect to the solar inverters (RS485/TCP), to the grid and to the site load (via meters) and to the charging stations (TCP/RS485). These solutions automatically monitor and control the output power of the PV inverters according to the country’s feed-in regulation constraints. These solutions are compatible with all Modbus-capable inverters on the market.

Key elements

Extensive compatibility with the leading inverter suppliers on the market  

Simple and intuitive eConf configuration menu allowing configuration and start-up of the controller in a few hours.

The ePowerControl solutions are also dataloggers allowing data feedback

ePowerControl ZE ensures the limitation of feed-in to the national grid in case of solar overproduction

The ePowerMonitor web platform allows to remotely monitor the status and consumption of the site’s equipment in order to ensure its performance and facilitate its maintenance via a personalized alarm management

ePowerControl PPC V2G communicates with a PLC sent by EDF to control the bollard


ePowerControl PPC

Power Plant controller


ePowerLog DL

 Universal Datalogger

ePowerControl ZE

Solar plant export limitation controller


Remote site monitoring platform