Zero Export and EV Charging of a Supermarket

EV Charging
25 kWp
Zero export and EV charging of a supermarket in Guadeloupe 2


Zero export & EV charging

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl EV

Control and supervision of the rooftop solar power plant with IRVE of a C&I building.

The objective of this project is the total optimization of the solar production of this rooftop installation of a supermarket in Guadeloupe.

The system is connected to the network, without permission to export energy to the grid. Elum’s ePowerControl EV controller allows real-time control of the PV production to ensure that all the energy produced is consumed on site.

Electric vehicle charging stations installed on site are used to maximize solar penetration. The ePowerControl MC Elum controller allows the acceleration of vehicle charging during peak solar production to avoid the clipping of the surplus.

  • Layout:
  • PV: 25 kWp

  • Inverters: 1 x PV Goodwe DT-series
  • Charging stations: 2 x Keba P30 x-series
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