Solar Diesel Integration of an Export Company

160 kWp
Solar diesel integration on an export company in Argentina 2


Solar diesel integration 

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl HFS

In this project located in the North of Argentina, ePowerControl HFS has been installed in a livestock export company to reduce their diesel consumption and maximize their solar penetration.

Their off-grid facility is equipped with 2 Growatt inverters and 3 gensets.

The main objectives are:

  • Decrease fuel consumption,
  • Ensure that the diesel generator does not work at less than 30% of its nominal capacity during sun hours, allowing the PV to deliver the rest.
  • Ensure that the Genset + PV production does not exceed what the load consumes.
  • Layout:
  • PV160 kWp
  • Gensets: 240 kVA

  • Inverters: 2 x Growatt max 80KTL
  • Gensets:  2
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