Addition of a storage

system for microgrids

Addition of a storage system for microgrids


Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) in the form of batteries (Lithium/Lead acid) is a competitive solution for several microgrid configurations on the market :


  • Off-grid configuration (Rural electrification, isolated hotels, farms): Here the addition of a storage system for microgrids allows to store the solar surplus during the day thus reducing fuel consumption. Also the ESS can form the grid in some cases which can limit the use of the generator during the day
  • Grid-tied configuration (Industrial and commercial building): Here the addition of an ESS allows to realize peak-shaving or load-shifting applications allowing to realize savings according to the local tariffs.
  • Poor-grid configuration (Industrial and commercial building): Here the addition of an ESS has the same behavior for a grid-tied or off-grid application depending on the state of the network.


Thus, ESS solutions can have different uses, both economical and stable. Therefore, the function of these ESS solutions can be adapted according to the needs of the end customer.


Elum's solution

ePowerControl MC/PPC are controllers connected to the solar inverters (RS485/TCP), the battery inverters (RS485/TCP), the diesel generators (either directly to the generator controller or via meters), the grid and the site load (via meters) that automatically monitors and controls the output power of the PV and battery inverters according to the consumption and production profiles according to the constraints of the generators. 

The controller therefore allows grid-connected or islanded solar production, ensuring the energy security of the site for high penetration rates (up to 60%) through the management of the minimum load of the generator. The MC controller is compatible with all inverters communicating in Modbus on the market.

Key elements

Extensive compatibility with the leading suppliers of PV and battery inverters on the market 

ePowerControl MC manages the minimum load of the generator set by clipping the PV inverter and charging the battery inverters.

The ePowerControl MC controller maximizes the return on investment of PV+ESS solutions depending on the electrical configuration.

ePowerControl MC provides network injection management according to country-specific legislation (injection limitation or net metering).

The ePowerMonitor web platform allows to remotely monitor the status and consumption of the site’s equipment in order to ensure its performance and facilitate its maintenance via a personalized alarm management.


ePowerControl MC

Microgrid controller



Remote site monitoring platform

ePowerControl PPC

Powerplant controller

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