Addition of solar capacity 

to a poor grid or 

off-grid site

Addition of solar capacity to a poor grid or off-grid site


Industrial and commercial (C&I) buildings located in geographies with poor-grid connections (poor-grid implies regular power outages) or no grid connection need a reliable supply of energy to ensure continuity of operations.


For this purpose they generally integrate diesel generators for their electricity supply, either as a complement to the grid (backup) or as a primary power supply (premium).


When solar generation capacity is added to reduce fuel consumption without adding a storage battery, the output power of the PV inverters should be controlled to allow for optimal operation with generators while avoiding the reversal of power from the solar to the generators. 

Elum's solution

ePowerControl SD/HFS is a controller connected to the solar inverters (RS485/TCP) to the diesel generators (either directly to the generator controller or via meters), to the grid and to the site load (via meters) that automatically monitors and controls the output power of the PV inverters according to the consumption and production profiles according to the constraints of the generators. The controller therefore enables solar production in island mode ensuring the energy security of the site for high penetration rates (up to 60%) through the management of the minimum load of the generator set. The SD/HFS controller is compatible with all inverters communicating in Modbus on the market.

Key elements

Extensive compatibility with the leading suppliers of PV and battery inverters on the market

Simple and intuitive eConf configuration menu allowing configuration and start-up of the controller in a few hours.

ePowerControl SD/HFS manages the minimum load of the generator by clipping the PV inverter.

ePowerControl SD/HFS provides network injection management according to country-specific legislation (injection limitation or net metering)

The ePowerMonitor web platform allows to remotely monitor the status and consumption of the site’s equipment in order to ensure its performance and facilitate its maintenance via a personalized alarm management.


ePowerControl HFS

Hybrid fuel saver controller

ePowerControl SD

Solar Diesel integration controller


Remote site monitoring platform

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