ePowerControl HFS

Hybrid fuel saver controller

ePowerControl HFS

Hybrid fuel saver controller

Easily integrate a solar system into a diesel power plant

Elum Hybrid Fuel Saver (HFS) is a power controller dedicated to solar & diesel hybrid power plants. It allows the integration of a high solar penetration rate on diesel installations in order to reduce their fuel consumption. Connected to PV inverters and generator controllers, it manages the overall power distribution of the system. Thus, it allows to maintain maximum operational safety and power reliability without the need for storage capacity.

It was designed to facilitate the deployment of hybrid power plants in isolated areas and to provide flexibility of adaptability to future changes in plant configuration.

Main features


Collection of all data and alarms from meters, inverters, gensets & weather station integration

Local parameter edition

One interface to edit all site equipment parameters (setpoints) and operating modes

Extended compatibility

Main equipment protocols supported through Modbus RTU/TCP. 

*See compatibility list for other protocols


Multiple genset minimum loading

Curtailment of solar inverters power to prevent each plant genset from running at low load.(direct genset controller connection or AC meters)



Remote assistance from qualified Elum engineer to support local commissioning team

Configuration interface

User-friendly configuration interface via a local web browser (ethernet connection) for stand-alone connectivity and equipment configuration


ePowerControl HFS datasheet

Connection & configuration guide

ePowerControl User Manual


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